September 16, 2016

Consumer Credit & Collections

Consumer Debt Collection – Debt recovery from individuals

Our highly skilled consultants have many years working utilities, medical, finance, banking and most consumer businesses who have high volume accounts which require an empathetic but firm approach to the recovery of overdue accounts.  Below are some of the tools we can offer to collect your debt ledger as a one off campaign or as an ongoing assignment.

  • Payment arrangement monitoring
  • Complaint and dispute management
  • Notice of Assignment, Demand for Payment and Final Notice letters
  • Outbound calls, SMS and email campaigns
  • Inbound call management, SMS and email handling
  • Skip tracing
  • Field and investigative services
  • Solicitor demand Letters
  • Full legal recovery services including: litigation services, post-judgment enforcement and insolvency administration
  • Exhausted Debt – Special Assignments
  • Credit management training
  • Negotiation & Communication skills training for your offshore collection teams
  • CPA can design a debt recovery solution working in partnership with your credit management team and executive team.

If you are interested in partnering with CPA, we can organise a confidential meeting at your convenience.