September 16, 2016

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions play a large role in your credit protection. If  you are looking to introduce personal guarantees to your customers or update your existing credit application form, our team at CPA together with our legal advisers, will ensure you with the latest protection. With 60 years company experience and ongoing access to changes affecting the credit industry, call our office today for a free review.

  • Updated Credit Application form which includes a Personal Guarantee and Privacy compliance
  • Separate Terms and Conditions that could be placed on your website
  • Separate Personal Guarantee form for individual use
  • Letter to customers advising changes to existing terms and conditions and of introduction of new Privacy Policy
  • Account acceptance advice to customers
  • Privacy, Credit Reporting and Internet Policy – plus a short version that you can place on your website
  • Form for customer to use – Request for Access to Personal Information

For a free review of your Terms & Conditions call our office today 1300 018410